At Eivissa Decoracio we are a team of multidisciplinary professionals with more than a decade of experience in the development of all types of construction and rehabilitation projects. Our knowledge of the sector and the community of Ibiza has given us the opportunity to develop multiple works and projects all over the island. All these years of work have allowed us to grow as a company, expand our client portfolio and develop a large number of projects, which has given us the experience to face all kinds of construction challenges.

Because we work and are in contact with many professionals such as engineers, architects, decorators, electricians, landscapers, designers etc., we can take on any construction challenge that comes our way, and many satisfied clients in all the municipalities of the island can give us great references on this.

Our great and unique value at Eivissa Decoracio is the close relationship with the client; we take care in solving any problems or doubts you have with the project, offering competitive budgets and taking care of everything from the initiation to the completion of the work.


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