If you are looking for a warm, elegant and authentic atmosphere, the magic of a parquet floor is unbeatable. One of the most valued characteristics of parquet is that it adapts to any interior design, thanks to its numerous shapes, designs, colours and great resistance. We study and select the most suitable materials when installing parquets and natural wood flooring in patios, gardens and terraces, guaranteeing maximum durability and performance.

Eivissa Decoracio's extensive experience in this type of projects means we will analyse the installation site before recommending or selecting the type of material to be used, as the materials to be chosen change if they are installed on a terrace, pool or garden or if the site is oriented to the sun or shade. All these factors influence the type of product to be used before making the final decision.

Natural wood is an element that conveys nobility and elegance and is also a good substitute for grass, which requires more complicated maintenance, making it a good option in terms of saving time and money. We have experience in the installation of different types of parquet, floorboards, skirting boards, profiles, corner pieces, etc., to satisfy all the needs of our customers.


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