We refurbish various types of housing in both urban and rural areas, by improving, recovering, conserving and maintaining them. Being fully conscious that the passage of time wears down and deteriorates properties, at Eivissa Decoracio we specialise in various rehabilitation and restoration works on homes, taking charge of the whole process to bring them up to standard.

The deterioration of homes is intrinsically linked to the quality of the materials and construction techniques used, which is why it is necessary to carry out rehabilitation and maintenance work on homes from time to time in order to ensure that properties are in an optimal and appropriate state for their use. The services we offer at Eivissa Decoracio consist of the improvement, recovery and conservation of villas, chalets, lofts, flats, premises, warehouses or any other type of property or dwelling.

We have many years of experience and that gives us the knowledge to identify the signs that indicate the need for rehabilitation work, paying attention to structural problems and then putting emphasis on the decorative and comfort part that our clients request. In our refurbishment projects we ensure that the materials we work with fit and adapt to the home to guarantee the safety of the property.


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